¿I can contact MOMABIKES by phone?

No, in order to provide a good service we only accept inquiries by email, if necessary, we will call you. In this way we also manage to respond in order and we can direct queries to specialists since a technical query is not the same as a query about a shipment. Always write to info@momabikes.com being clear and concise.

¿I can buy directly at the Nàpols street store?

Yes, you can purchase a bicycle in the store. The store works independently of the website so you do not have to place an order or reserve on the website if you want to buy in the store. If you buy in the store you will not have to pay shipping costs, but you will have to pay 15 per bike for assembly, adjustment, delivery and maintenance of the store..

¿Can I reserve a bicycle in store?

No, you cannot reserve any units in store.

¿Can I reserve a sold out bike on the website?

No, you cannot reserve any unit on the website, stocks are always updated and if you are interested in an out-of-stock model you can use the NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE button.

¿Can I buy a bicycle on the website and pick it up in the store?

No, purchases through the website are all sent to the address that the customer specifies when placing the order, as long as it is within the available countries to which we ship.

¿Can I place an order on the website without registering?

Yes, you can place an order on our website without registering.

¿How do I know my size?

If a model has different sizes, you can check the size guide on the product page to check which height range each size corresponds to.

¿What countries do we ship to??

We currently ship to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

¿What are the repayment terms?

You can find out these conditions by clicking on the following links https://momabikes.com/pages/informacion-sobre-devoluciones or in https://momabikes.com/pages/general-conditions

¿Bikes are shipped assembled?

The bicycles are shipped 90% assembled, depending on each model they require a last step (such as screwing on the pedals and putting the front wheel on in most models).

¿How do I receive my bike??

On the page of each bicycle you can find a video that we call UNBOXING in which you will see exactly how you receive that bicycle and step by step the actions that must be carried out to leave it ready for your enjoyment.

¿Where can I find the assembly manuals??

You have the assembly manuals available in the following link And, in addition, within almost all of our models you can find a video with the unboxing of our bicycles step by step.

¿I have to adjust my bike when I receive it?

We recommend doing a 20-hour break-in on the middle chainring and center sprocket and re-adjusting all the components after finishing it. In any case, keep in mind that any bicycle requires periodic inspections of its wear elements (tires, brakes, transmission, tires, spokes, etc...). We recommend that such reviews be carried out by a professional.

¿How do I adjust my bike?

We recommend that any adjustments, especially brakes or gears, be carried out in a specialized workshop. Although you will also find videos created by us on how to adjust different components in our section medium

¿What type of maintenance does my bike require??

Regularly clean and grease your bicycle transmission, check the tire pressure, keep the bicycle clean and dry, keep the screws tightly tightened, adjust the steering if necessary, check brakes, bearings, hubs and keep the suspension clean if you have it.

In the event that there are state or local subsidies and/or purchasing aid, how can I obtain the certificates requested?n?

To obtain the approval certificate, request it, always indicating your order number, via email info@momabikes.com

¿How can I track the shipment of my order??

When the order has been delivered to the transport agency, you will receive an SMS and an email with the tracking number and the link of the transport agency with which to follow your shipment.

¿Can I cancel my order?

Yes, check the returns information section of our website https://momabikes.com/pages/informacion-sobre-devoluciones and you will find the instructions.

¿Can I request an invoice at an address other than the shipping address??

Yes, as long as the shipping country and billing country are the same. When making the purchase you can specify both addresses. Once the order is finalized, they cannot be modified.

¿How can I obtain my purchase invoice?

The invoice is sent automatically by email within approximately 14 days after receipt of the order.

¿If I buy several items, they will all arrive in the same shipment.?

We try by all means to ensure that all products arrive at the same time, but it may be the case that you receive the products in different shipments and on different days.

¿What should I do when I receive my order?

Check that the packaging is in good condition, that the product has no damage and/or defects and that it is complete, without any missing part and/or component. We recommend indicating on the delivery note Compliant unless examined. Store the box for 14 days.s.

¿What should I do if I receive the order with damage??

Indicate on the delivery receipt that the packaging has visible damage, if any, and let us know about the damage by communicating it by email to info@momabikes.com sending photos.

¿How long do I have to report damage to the product??

You have 24 hours to report product damage to info@momabikes.com attaching photos of the product where the damage can be seen, photos of the packaging and photos of the shipping and product labels.

¿Where is the serial number of my bike??

You will find the serial number of your bicycle stamped on the frame under the bottom bracket, or on the steering stem (depends on the model).

¿How long will it take to receive my order??

Spain/Portugal: 1-3 business days

France/Italy/Germany/Belgium: 3-4 business days