Shipping information and rates


Delivery times are counted from the moment the order leaves our warehouse, we will keep you informed at all times.

If there is a problem with product availability, our incident team will contact you to provide you with a solution and to inform you of the delivery time once the selected product is available.

If you have a time preference for delivery between morning or afternoon, you can indicate it to us in the order comment and the transport company will try to comply to the extent of its route and schedule possibilities.

Delivery methods:

The shipment will be made by the express courier company.

The delivery time will be, from the moment it leaves our facilities, depending on the destination population:
Spain / Portugal: 1-3 business days.
France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands and Luxembourg: 3-4 business days.

Yes, at the time of delivery the order packaging is damaged, you must open the package in the presence of the logistics operator to verify the status of the items. If damage is observed, you must always detail it on the delivery note and contact us by email at

We will repair or replace, at no cost to you, all items that have been damaged or lost during transport, as long as you notify us of this incident within the first 24 hours after receiving the order. Hidden damages (packaging in apparent good condition and damaged product) and missing components must be reported by email to within the first 24 hours after delivery of the item, attaching photographs of the packaging, the shipping label and product label. Images are essential for the correct and quick treatment of any incident.

Once the order has been delivered, it will become part of your property and therefore, all damages that may arise will be your responsibility.

Shipping rates

Spain and Portugal
Bicycles 29.90 Euro 
E-Longtail 59.90 Euro 
Indoor / Treadmill 29.90 Euro
Accessories 9.90 Euro

France and Italy
Bicycles 29.90 Euro
E-Longtail 59.90 Euro 
Indoor / Treadmill 42 Euro
Accessories 14.95 Euro

Belgium, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands and Luxembourg
Bicycles 49.90 Euro
E-Longtail 99.90 Euro 
Indoor / Treadmill 49.90 Euro
Accessories 24.95 Euro 

Shipping costs will be cumulative in all cases. For example: If you buy two bicycles, the shipping cost will be €29,90 + €29,90 = €59,80. This situation will not occur in the case of the purchase of two or more accessories or Woody children's bicycles. Therefore, in the case of purchasing more than one accessory, the shipping cost for the category itself will only be charged once. (Ex: for the purchasing of two accessories with delivery to Spain, the cost of delivery will be €9,90). For some accessories such as bike racks, given their large volume, the shipping rate is the same as for bicycles.

No shipments are made to Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands, Formentera, Madeira, Azores, French overseas territories such as Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Mayotte, Saint Martin, Wallis and Futuna, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

To know the exact amount of shipping costs and the total amount to pay, once the desired products have been added to the basket, select Shipping area and Payment method.go”.

If you buy in our physical store you will not have to pay shipping costs, but you will have to pay 15 per bike for assembly, adjustment, delivery and maintenance of the store..

The invoice will be sent to the email address indicated by the client in the order, within approximately 14 days after receipt of the order. The shipping and billing country must coincide and, if the shipping and billing countries of the order are different, MOMA TRADE, SLU will issue the invoice to the shipping address.