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Momabikes Mountain Bikes

Nature lover? Adrenaline junkie? The MTB will be your must-have for riding on trails, discovering new paths and experimenting on different terrains and terrain. The mountain bike is the quintessential all-terrain bike, designed for off-roading, nothing can resist it.


Characteristics of Momabikes mountain bikes

We know that beginners and veterans alike have one thing in common: a passion for the mountains. And what better way to enjoy it to the fullest than with a bike to accompany you on your adventures. The variety of models is infinite and all of them, manufactured with high quality materials, are prepared to give their best in an environment for which they are specially created. Not forgetting the new models of electric mountain bikes, a good opportunity compared to the muscle models.

From smooth trails and hills to rough and uneven terrain, jumps, inclines, steep descents and drops. Versatility is the word that describes our mountain bikes. The design of these MTBs ensures the greatest protection for the bike itself and the rider in the roughest and most complicated terrain , allowing you to ride without fear, enjoying the scenery and the adrenaline of the mountain.

MTBs are a category of bikes with many options, we have one for you!


Why a mountain bike?


Its wide rims with marked patterns improve grip on loose terrain and the straight or double height handlebars have multiple advantages, as they facilitate a more controlled handling of the bike, pedalling with the torso semi upright, control and vision of the road. The fork absorbs all the irregularities of the terrain, providing the necessary stability and grip in mountain terrain. Larger sprockets and smaller chainrings help to tackle the most difficult climbs. Within the variety of MTBs, we can also find diversity: bikes without suspension (rigid), with front suspension (hardtail) or with double suspension (full-suspension) depending on their speciality. Strength and safety is what all our mountain bike models offer, with them no obstacle will be too much for you.

But... who said that MTBs are only for mountain bikes? Don't be fooled by their name, because their great versatility makes them ideal for city use alongside touring bikes and electric bikes. They have a large size that favours a very good stability, the models with suspension no curb can resist them and their strength helps you to transport what you need. But if you want to ride around town and you're worried about size, it's best to take a look at folding bikes and folding electric bikes first. But back to our MTBs, that's not all; they easily negotiate obstacles and have cornering stability even in the city. And if that wasn't enough, rain is not a problem with MTBs, the width of their rims means that they have more contact with the ground and there is less risk of falling if it's wet, so they are also perfect on rainy days. Nothing stops our mountain bikes!


What to consider when choosing a mountain bike?

 Safety, endurance and freedom... Because mountain lovers know that nothing compares to the feeling of freedom that biking and mountain biking produce together, but how do you choose the perfect mountain bike for you?

We must take into account different characteristics that vary according to the model: it is important to assess the type of suspension (if we need only front or front and rear), the type of brakes (mechanical or hydraulic) and the type of transmission, i.e. the number of gears and the type of grips.

Mountain biking is satisfying and allows you to progress quickly, but it is demanding for those who practice it. It requires strength, endurance and great skill, so isn't it only fair to demand the same from your companion? Our Momabikes MTBs are up to the task!


Why a Momabikes MTB?

 At MOMABIKES we have been manufacturing bicycles for more than 15 years. All our bicycles are Made in UE, designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Spain. Our international recognition is due to the great commitment to quality and innovation that characterise us. We are very clear about our priorities, and your safety is one of them. At MOMABIKES we are so confident in the quality and resistance of our products that we offer a lifetime frame warranty.

Choosing the right bike for our needs may seem a complicated task, but we make it easy for you to find the bike that best suits you according to its functionality, features and the use you are going to make of it.


¡With MOMABIKES you will go as far as your legs will take you!