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Fat Bike
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Momabikes Fat Bikes

Adventure and adrenaline come together in our fat bike models, so you can ride through mud, snow and sand. This model allows you to ride the most complicated trails from which no other bike would come out unscathed.

Features of Momabikes Fat Bikes

The adjective that best describes them is undoubtedly "all-terrain". Just when we thought we had it all, these innovative and eye-catching bikes show us that we can have so much more. Fat bikes are characterized by wide, low-pressure tires, and just by looking at them we know that these wheels are made for more than just riding. 

With a robust and outstanding appearance, extremely large for a normal bike, its features make it the perfect choice for impossible terrain. Who said impossible? Fat bikes have shown us that the rider sets the limit. Snow, sand, swamps, gravel... there is no terrain that resists them and thanks to this they offer a unique experience that brings you closer to landscapes and enclaves that before would not have been possible to pedal and that are finally within everyone's reach.

If you are looking for a bike to enjoy your passion for adventure, speed and off-road cycling, stop looking, the fat bike is for you! Ideal for racing on soft terrain.

Advantages of fat bikes

Efficiency, grip and stability perfectly define what these bikes will bring to your adventures in the toughest terrain. Dirt, mud or cobblestone pavements will not be an obstacle if you ride one of our fat bikes. With no traction problems and a comfortable ride, you will be able to enjoy your wildest adventures, as they are extremely robust and with a grip and traction that make them immune to any terrain, but at the same time, due to their comfortable and innovative design, they give you the sensation of levitating while pedaling. This model allows you to ride on the softest and most unstable terrain with great safety and ease. Adventure and adrenaline are what these bikes with very wide tires offer.

One of the strengths of fat bikes is their adaptability. Thanks to their design, these models allow you to adjust tire pressure to adapt to different surfaces. Increase the pressure for a ride in the city, decrease it for a trip to the beach or a ride in the mountains. With Momabikes Fat Bikes, every ride will be a new adventure.

Why a fat bike?

These models, together with MTB or mountain bikes and trekking bikes, offer great efficiency on different terrains; although with a fat bike you will be able to pedal on sand or snow without the bike getting stuck and enjoy different terrains with ease and comfort. This comfort is one of the key features of our fat bike, since it has great suspension, which makes its use comfortable and efficient. In addition, the comfort stands out even in rough terrain, thanks to its tires with very low pressures.

Safety is one of our top priorities, and we can assure you that maintaining control and stability on the most unstable terrain is possible with our fat tyre bikes. Even if you're an inexperienced rider, this model will make you ride and enjoy yourself more safely. You can also take a look at our electric mountain bikes, another safe and well-performing option for demanding, but not extreme, terrain.

But that's not all! With the fat bike you also have a convertible model, since you can change its wheels. If you change them, you will be faster on the downhills with less penalty on the uphills. You can even go one step further and have an electric fat bike, with all the properties we have mentioned and the convenience of having an extra help in the steepest moments. Check out all the accessories we have available at Moma Bikes.

The adventure is multiplied with wide-tire bikes; complicated routes, winding and abrupt spaces, rain, mud or snowfall will not be a problem. You know, raincoat and pedal!

All this makes the fat bike an increasingly popular choice among those who are not satisfied with living half-hearted experiences and enjoy pedaling and touring nature in all its facets, and you, do you already have yours?