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E-GRAVEL 28 PRO Electric Bicycle
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Electric gravel bikes

Welcome to our exciting new product category of electric gravel bikes electric gravel bikes! Our e-gravel bikes offer a series of irresistible benefits and are the perfect ally for lovers of different types of cycling. Adapt to any environment with electric gravel bikes and get ready to enjoy an adventure without limits!

We provide the gravel bike, you provide the when and the how.

Get ready to discover our e-gravel, a highly competitive model at an unbeatable price. If you are looking for a unique experience on two wheels, full of excitement and versatility, this bike is the perfect choice for you.

What makes our e-gravel so special? Its versatility and adaptability.
Electric gravel bikes are the ideal combination of a road bike and a mountain bike. Designed to conquer virtually any type of terrain, from paved roads to off-road trails, e-gravel bikes allow you to explore new horizons with unparalleled freedom. Their robust design, wider wheels and dedicated handlebars provide stability and comfort on every ride.

The gravel bike is your passport to cycling adventure. You no longer have to settle for a single type of terrain or route. Now, you can expand your horizons and explore new trails without restrictions. Join the revolution of freedom on two wheels and discover a world full of possibilities with e-gravel bikes. 

About electric gravel bikes

Electric gravel bikes are the perfect evolution of traditional gravel bikes, merging the best of both worlds. These awesome bikes combine the versatility and adaptability you love in a gravel bike with the power and comfort of electric assist. The result? A cycling experience that exceeds all expectations, taking it to the next level.

Equipped with powerful electric motors, these bikes offer smooth and efficient assistance that allows you to conquer any terrain with ease. The power of an electric gravel bike's motor propels you on your most challenging climbs and allows you to maintain a steady pace on different terrains. Its adaptability is amazing, which means you can explore everything from paved roads, steep hills, long rides to winding trails without missing a beat.

One of the most outstanding features of electric gravel bikes is their range. High-capacity batteries and extended range allow you to explore longer routes without worrying about running out of power, while the ability to adapt to different terrains ensures that nothing gets in your way.

Are you ready to take your cycling adventure to the next level? This bike will take you to places you never imagined and allow you to enjoy a unique experience with every pedal stroke.

Advantages of Moma Bikes gravel ebikes:

Get ready for an adventure without limits! Our electric gravel bikes offer a range of irresistible benefits:

  • Electric assistance: with the assistance of its electric motor, you will conquer heights and difficult terrain effortlessly, stretching your limits and allowing you to go further. Electric gravel bikes are equally suitable for beginner riders, providing a gentle introduction to the world of cycling. They also offer a less physically demanding option for those looking for a more relaxed pedaling experience.
  • Unmatched versatility: the e-gravel effortlessly adapts to both challenging dirt roads and smooth urban asphalt. Whether your passion is touring, long-distance adventures or simply getting around town efficiently, these bikes are designed for you.
  • Comfort and durability: Robust construction and ergonomic geometry ensure a comfortable and durable riding experience, so you can enjoy long rides without worry.
  • Accessibility for all: Our electric gravel bikes offer unlimited riding no matter your level of cycling skill, no matter your previous experience, and give you the freedom to explore. In short, we have a gravel bike for everyone.

It's time to live the adventure! Don't miss the opportunity to conquer nature, reach new horizons, experience the freedom and excitement that only our electric gravel bikes can give you, get your bike now and get ready to explore the world with our e-gravel by your side!