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Electric Bicycle Ebike 28 PRO Central Engine
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Ebike 28 PRO electric bike
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E-ROAD 28 PRO Electric Bike
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Electric Bicycle Ebike 28 Hydr
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electric bicycle Ebike 26 Hydr
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Electric touring bicycles

Give a twist to your daily routine and discover the new way to move around the city with our electric touring bikes. Suitable for everyone, both cycling enthusiasts and those who are looking for a practical and comfortable way to get around. Regardless of your level of cycling skill, our e-bikes are designed to suit your needs and transform your daily commute.

Enjoy your day-to-day life with e-bikes for touring

Getting around town has never been so easy and fun. With our electric touring bikes, you can travel longer distances in less time and reach your destination quickly and without fatigue. Whether you're commuting to work, shopping or just enjoying a Sunday ride with the family, our e-bikes will allow you to do it more comfortably and efficiently. On every ride, you will be in full control of your speed, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings to the fullest.

Features and advantages of electric touring bicycles

Our electric touring bikes combine advanced technology with a traditional and comfortable design. Equipped with a pedal-assist electric motor, our e-bikes will stop assisting you if you stop pedaling or exceed 25 km/h, thus complying with legal regulations. With several assistance modes to choose from, you can adapt your ride according to your needs and the terrain, extending your battery life from 40 km to 120 km. Unlike traditional bikes, our electric touring bikes allow you to cruise effortlessly through streets and avenues, stroll through the most central alleys and climb the steepest slopes in an agile manner. The upright position, wide saddles and high handlebars offer maximum comfort, making our e-bikes the perfect choice for getting around town.

Choosing the right electric touring bicycles

When deciding to buy electric touring bikes, it is important to consider several factors. Battery life is crucial, and we recommend choosing one that exceeds your daily needs to maintain its lifespan. The right size and the maximum weight the bike can support are equally important to ensure your comfort and safety.

In our company, with more than 15 years of experience manufacturing bicycles, we are proud to offer high quality and resistant products, designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Spain. We value innovation and the safety of our customers above all else. Choosing one of our e-bikes will not only provide you with a fast and comfortable means of transportation, but will also allow you to explore new corners of your city and exercise in a fun and easy way. With our electric touring bikes, you'll go as far as your legs and battery life will take you, adding speed, comfort and distance to your rides effortlessly with our touring e-bikes!