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27.5" eMTB electric bicycle
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29" E-MTB Electric Bicycle
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Electric Bicycle E-MTB Full Suspension 27,5"
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Electric Bicycle E-MTB Full Suspension 29"
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Electric Bicycle E-MTB Full Suspension 27,5" PRO Center Motor
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Electric Bicycle E-MTB Full Suspension 29" PRO Center Motor
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E-FAT PRO 26" electric bike
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Electric mountain bikes

How do I know if an E-BIKE is for me? E-BIKES are for everyone! If you ride a lot, you can cycle more kilometres in the same amount of time and alternate your rides with a conventional bike. If you don't ride much, you can cycle more kilometres in less time. And if you haven't ridden for a long time, you can take up cycling again gradually.

Discover the E-BIKE mountain bikes! A new way to enjoy mountain biking. Increase the duration and distance of your rides without stopping your sport. Its pedal assistance amplifies your strength and prolongs your endurance on all types of terrain, so that the fun continues until you get tired of it and not your legs.


Characteristics of electric mountain bikes

E-BIKEs are pedal-assist bicycles, so if you stop pedalling, the bike will stop assisting you. It will also stop assisting you if you exceed 25 km/h, which is the legal limit. 

They do not have a handle or trigger. They usually have between 3 and 5 modes of assistance, which multiply the pedal stroke; giving one for each pedal stroke you give, or multiplying it by 2 or even by 3.6. They also have a walk mode. And as for the range, it depends on several factors (weight, slope, assistance mode used...), but they usually have between 40km and 120km of range.

Nowadays, E-BIKES are covering more and more terrain and are becoming part of the mountain discipline. Why not boost your mountain tours? Cycle faster and further than ever before and discover much more than you could ever do on a simple MTB.

Electric mountain bikes are just as versatile as their traditional version. They retain the wide, sharply patterned tyres that improve grip on loose terrain, and the straight handlebars facilitate more controlled handling of the bike, pedalling with a semi-upright torso, control and vision of the road. 

Depending on their characteristics, there are different types of E-MTBs; depending on their suspensions, with front suspension only or with double suspension. Those with double suspension have a greater all-terrain capacity and provide greater comfort for the cyclist. In all models, maintenance is going to be greater than that of a traditional bicycle, as it is necessary to monitor its state of wear and tear more frequently. But safety is still a must in all our models.

Advantages of a mountain e-bike

Without a doubt, the E-MTB has many advantages. It can take you to places in the mountains that would be difficult to reach with a traditional bike: steep areas, big ramps... With its help, the physical wear and tear is less, and it allows you to do a wide variety of routes. In addition, you can do many descents in a short time and the climbs are faster. They are ideal for cycling enthusiasts who, due to physical limitations or health problems, need the extra help of an electric bicycle.

What should I consider when choosing an electric mountain bike?

Safety, endurance and freedom, sensations that don't change between the traditional MTB and the electric MTB, I now know that the E-MTB is for me! But... How do I choose the right one?

When choosing an electric mountain bike, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, you should consider how you are going to use it. The E-MTB with single suspension is more suitable for long routes, as they tend to have more autonomy. On the other hand, the e-MTB with dual suspension is more suitable for routes with a steep gradient.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, with the e-MTB you will enjoy new rides in nature. For amateurs who enjoy the mountains in a relaxed way or who want to go out with friends without falling off at the first ramp because they are not in shape or have a health problem, the e-MTB is definitely for you. And, of course, for cyclists with a good level, an e-MTB is a good option as a second bike for more relaxed rides or recovery rides.

With an increasingly modern design, these bikes come with improved motors and batteries with a longer battery life, allowing you to enjoy the mountains that have so many MTB lovers hooked for so long. Nature and technology, all in one. We encourage you to let yourself be impressed by these incredible models and explore to the limits you thought impossible. And if you are looking for options for urban mobility you can also visit the sections of electric touring bikes and electric folding bikes to evaluate other options.

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Why Momabikes?

At MOMABIKES we have been manufacturing bicycles for more than 15 years. All our bicycles and e-bikes are Made in UE, designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Spain. Our international recognition is due to the great commitment to quality and innovation that characterise us. We are very clear about our priorities, and your safety is one of them. At MOMABIKES we are so confident in the quality and resistance of our products that we offer a lifetime frame warranty.

Choosing the right bike for our needs may seem a complicated task, but we make it easy for you to find the bike that best suits you according to its functionality, features and the use you are going to make of it.


¡With MOMABIKES you will go as far as your legs will take you, and the autonomy of your new E-BIKE!