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Indoor Bicycle


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single (1.55 - 1.90 m)

Directly from the factory

Product warranty 2 years

24kg flywheel

Resistor with adjustable intensity

Pulse sensor on the handlebar

Emergency brake

Height-adjustable handlebar

LCD screen with:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Total Odometer
  • Partial Odometer
  • Calories
  • Pulse rate

Anatomical adjustable saddle (vertically and horizontally)

Bottle cage


For user of 1.55 to 1.90m

User weight max : 110kg

This professional INDOOR bike is equipped with a 24 kg flywheel to ensure smooth and fluid pedalling, the heavier the weight of the wheel, the smoother the pedalling and therefore the more enjoyable your workout will be. Equipped with an LCD monitor as well as 4 heart rate sensors integrated in the handlebars, it is suitable for both gym and home use. Perfect for a complete aerobic and cardiovascular workout, it has stabilisers and wheels for transport. It is a comfortable and stable exercise bike.

It has a variable resistance system to simulate changes in terrain (uphill/downhill). It is also equipped with an emergency braking system to ensure the user's safety.

The handlebars and seat are fully adjustable, allowing you to adapt the bike to all types of people. Its LCD display will show calories burned, partial and total distance covered, speed and heart rate, as well as training time. Equipped with footrests for comfort that allows you to adapt the bike to all types of people.


To keep fit, the WHO recommends regular and moderate exercise (light sweating, you should be able to hold a conversation): 22 min/day. To lose weight and, above all, to reduce body fat, the WHO recommends regular and moderate exercise, but for longer: 44 min.

Unboxing Moma Indoor

Indoor Bicycle

Indoor Bicycle

single (1.55 - 1.90 m)